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Beta Phase 2019-03-15

Why should we do it so long if we can solve the bugs and problems fast? actually it's a stupid thing some people do , because even the beta testers already getting bored by playing at beta they are no longer need to play at the server anymore. Because of that we will make a beta phase time not so long but we are going to test every single thing in the game and we will fix it as soon as possible. Oh yea , The beta testers will have a reward for their time and effort for sure.

- Start Level 90
- Degree 9 SoX Items
- 1M Silk / Job Point
- 10 Billion Gold

Official Trailer 2019-03-12

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SEASON II 2019-03-08

Odin has come back to provide something worth to play due to our stable project at Season one we decided to come back with more features on Odin Season 2. Our project is simple and smooth giving you the real feeling of old school and bring back your best memories. We are proud to say that our first project was working very smooth without any big issues at all. To be clear we didn't reach many players due to the reputation..players doesn't know who are the owners of this project that's why we just reach a few of them. But , our players was full satisfied and they enjoyed our first season even asked for the second one and we are here to give them what they want. Join us you won't regret your decision